Corporate Support

So how can you help inspire the next generation?

We are looking to the Corporate world to create the most amazing STEM interactive centre in East Anglia and beyond.  Our Outreach costs money and although a Charity who is not looking to make a Profit, we do have overheads like all organisations.  We look to the Corporate world to support this project, to enhance the work we do, increase the volume of out put we are able to achieve and to make our 10 year Business Plan a reality.


Within our STEM centre, we will be showcasing local businesses work and how science or maths helps them to function.  Our Exhibits are hands-on and will inspire the next group of scientists or mathematicians, so why not create an exhibit which showcases your work and is fun to play on?  What can they learn from your exhibit and could they be working for you in the future?


Making an exhibit is not for you and maybe you do not have the time.  Do not worry as you could fund one of the exhibits we are making and the activity can be named after your business.  Imagine the “BT” Newton’s Cradle or the Cambridge Science Park’s Astronomy Nights!  Why not put your name to a choosen exhibit.  We are expecting at least 25,000 visitors in our first year to the centre and we hope to reach another 30,000+ visitors by outreach again.  An exhibit and your logo and endorsement would be an amazing marketing tool for a lot less money than other marketing solutions and will reach an audience than is spread over at least 4 Counties!


Do you have an employee willing to give a morning or afternoon to helping children within our centre on a topic close to your career and business world or maybe attend a school activity and teach the future employees of the UK?  We need the experts to enthuse the young people and expecially encouraging young girls/ladies that the world of science and engineering can be for them!