Coming Soon:

“Solve the Crime”  Residential Trip

Book a group or school in for a three day/two night event where they can learn to be detectives for the entire trip.  This is suitable for ages 8 – 16 and can be adapted for all Key Stages to meet curriculum requirements.

The event will include:      The History of Medicine and Forensics,  The Science behind Forensics,  Mathematics,  Biology,  Chemistry and Physics  and English Language and English Literature.  This event ticks so many Curriculum topics and gives the children an insight into the world of criminals, scientists and the police.

The subjects to be covered will include:  Hair Samples, Dusting for Fingerprints, Fingerprinting, Foot prints, Blood Splatter, Urine Samples, Handwriting analysis, Chromatography, Magnification, Chemical reactions, E-Fits and Human Biology.

The time away will include:  An afternoon of events, an evening of detective story writing, a full day of crime solving, a summary of what has been discovered and finishing with science games and experiments on the third day.  The price includes, packed lunches, evening meals, breakfast, portable beds and snacks and drinks.

PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS:  We are now taking bookings for our remote residential centre in central Suffolk and discounts are available for all bookings taken in early 2017.