We will bring to you an amazing Roadshow and we are taking bookings for the months of APRIL AND MAY 2017 with a 20% introductory offer discount! 

Outreach can be for any of the following:

  • Roadshows for Businesses wishing to promote Science; What Can we bring to your doorstep?
  • Table-Top Exhibits and free standing exhibits of interactive science including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Solar System, Health, Maths and Problem Solving.
  • Pop-up Planetarium showing one of eleven different shows including star constellations and planets.
  • Interactive Dome used as a Tropical Rainforest or a Sensory Tent
  • Mini Experiments Roadshow and Workshops on different topics, Forums, Quizzes,Treasure Hunts and interactive games.
  • Forensic Science, Digital Forensic Science and IT Security including E-Safety and Solving the Crime – topics, tasks and games
  • Maths Experience – Problem Solving and testing weights, length and optical illusions
  • Mainly aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 but there are particular roadshows and experiments available for Key Stage 3 and 4.

The Outreach offered could be to cover a specific curriculum topic and an Outreach visit could be for as little as two hours or could be for an entire day. If for a full day a maximum of four activities and topics can be chosen, eg. Forensics and mini experiments can be covered with four sessions.

Prices vary depending on the topics to be covered, the length of our visit and whether the participants are all one age and how many there will be attending. A tailor made package for every outreach can be for as little £2 per head, or could range for a full day to be £5 per head.

Email: schools@kineticadventure.co.uk

Your Outreach event can include Resources, Worksheets, Teacher’s Notes, suggested further lessons and Risk Assessments. A formal booking will be needed to secure a date and time and a deposit of 30% is required.